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Savia Palate holds a PhD in Architecture from the University of Cambridge as a Cambridge Trust (Vice-Chancellor Award) and an A. G Leventis Foundation Scholar. During her final year of her PhD, she has been a doctoral resident at the Canadian Centre of Architecture. She also holds an MA in History and Critical Thinking from the Architectural Association School of London with Distinction and a MArch II in Space, Society, and Culture from the Pennsylvania State University as a Fulbright Scholar.

Her research endeavours focus on the production of critical histories that relate to prescriptions of space, as these may be produced and transmitted by agents and methodologies within and beyond the disciplinary boundaries of architecture.

She is currently the leading investigator of U-SHer (Uneasy but Shared Heritage: Modern Hotel Architecture on a Divided Island). The project explores the role of architectural history in contributing to the intangible value of modern architecture as heritage that is shared. It involves the development of an interactive "guide" of modern architecture in Cyprus as a digital archive that listens. The project is part of the Excellence Hubs programme (research grant to a young researcher - Social Sciences category) and it is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus through the Cyprus Research and Innovation Foundation.

Latest news

Current Affiliations

Principal Investigator U-SHer, Mesarch Lab, University of Cyprus

Co-convenor, SAHGB ECR/PhD Network

Co-founder, 2050: A New World

Past Affiliations

Visiting Lecturer, Leicester School of Architecture, De Montfort University

Visiting Lecturer, School of Creative Arts, University of Hertfordshire

Canadian Centre of Architecture

Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge

Girton College, University of Cambridge

SAHGB Symposium 2021 - Architectural History + Climate Emergency 

Scroope Journal

The Martin Centre Seminar Series

Architectural Association School of London

Stuckeman School of Architecture, Pennsylvania State University

Special Issue, Fabrications Journal (SAHANZ)

What is Shared? Architectural Heritage in Conflict

Savia Palate and Panayiota Pyla

Deadline for Submissions:

15 January 2024

EAHN Conference 2024, Paper Session

On Buildings That No Longer Exist

Savia Palate and Linda Stagni

Athens, June 2024

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